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Our commitment to excellence is undeniable – when it comes to washing trucks we go the extra mile. We use the perfect combination of soft brushes and hard work, getting even your toughest vehicles looking sparkly clean!

Save on money and time through labor.

Get your fleet shining again without wasting away any of the precious resources in your business! Let a reliable Oakland county vehicle washing service take care of all that hard work, leaving you free to focus on more pressing matters.

Market your brand image.

A great first impression can make all the difference, and that's especially true for transport-related businesses. Ensure your trucks look spotless on the roads: it could be what helps you acquire new customers, as well as recruit more drivers! Investing effort into keeping your property in top form will pay off - so get ready to reap those rewards with a fleet of gleaming vehicles!

Protect your investment.

Keep your fleet machines performing their best with our extensive and detailed cleaning service in Oakland County. Our expert technicians take an up-close look at the entirety of each vehicle, from top to bottom - eliminating any dirt, oils, mud or other grime that could cause potential problems down the line. By taking a proactive approach to maintenance issues now you'll save precious time and money later!

Keep people safe.

By giving your trucks a good wash, you can protect both the performance and safety of everyone on the road. Our fleet washing service is more than just an aesthetic upkeeping - it's also necessary maintenance to avoid any potential hazards or legal issues! Keeping track of truck inspection ensures that all drivers remain safe without compromising quality and care.


  • Having an up-to-date, clean fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment is the foundation to maintaining a thriving business. At Wipeout Fleet Washing our experts are proud to offer commercial and fleet washing services that keep your investments looking their best while also helping improve safety standards on the road. With regular cleaning you can ensure that both yourself and others enjoy safe travels thanks to cleaner, more visible vehicles!
  • A well-maintained fleet of trucks is the perfect way to make a great impression on your customers and potential clients. Our professional cleaning services can save you time, money, and effort – making sure that more important areas of business get all the attention they deserve. We take pride in our high quality treatments geared towards removing corrosive agents like salt, oil or grime from truck surfaces; helping preserve exterior paintwork & undercarriage condition for longer!


Wipeout Fleet Washing keeps your business compliant, protected and guaranteed safety. With a team of professionals highly trained in the most up-to-date best practices for fleet washing, you can trust them to use only top quality biodegradable cleaning products that are non corrosive – saving both your fleet and environment with every wash! And not just any environmental protection – they’re dedicated to meeting all local, state & federal water recovery requirements while reducing contaminants affecting public water systems simultaneously.

Let the team at Wipeout Fleet Washing help you keep your vehicles in top condition! We’ve got all the experience, equipment and training necessary to clean any business vehicle – from semis and trucks to cars, buses and trailers. And no matter how much havoc dirt or stone is wreaking on them, regular professional washing can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping that fleet going strong for years down the line. Step up your maintenance game with us today – we’re here as the local experts who offer comprehensive services covering anything you need for commercial fleet cleaning!

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